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Great Messsage!!!

Fantastic movie with a great message. You really hit the nail on the head- we are the first generation that has to balance letting technology improve our lives and dominate it.

Timeless Holiday Classic

Scrooge, Oliver Twist, and who could forget everyone's favorite Dodger feature in this heartwarming holiday classic. If you don't show this to your kids you might as well be jewish.

Spot On....

I'm not quite sure how you did this, but this was extremely well done. The animation, voices, and interaction was spot on from the original show. Good job!

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The quality of this work just blows me away. Great job. I think you did an especially good job on the Zelda boss! Awesome job putting in all the spells just like in the original game.

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Cool Game... but could be great

I think this was a fun game with a cool concept. I notice alot of reviews complain about the slow action during the fight scenes. These are valid complaints but I think even more important places you could expand this game are outside of the arena.
A few suggestions:
- You have a well laid out house with several rooms... but all you do is find a knife in the house and leave. Why not add something else of importance like hidden weapons/ money... maybe let you stab the lady sitting watching TV... Also, maybe you could allow people to go back home and sleep to build stamina or something creative.
- In the same regard, there is a cool lobby in the stab arena but nothing of value to be gained by walking around. Maybe add the function to place side bets with some of the guys in the lobby or pick a fight with the guys in the lobby... get creative with it.
- There should be another way to earn money than just fighting, and there should be another way to earn weapons than just going to the knife store.

You have the FRAME of an awesome game here... you should redo this thing to its potential.


This game is great! My attention span is only about 6 seconds, so this game is perfect for me.

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